Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist


Many moving checklists found on-line have a 6 to 8 week timeline.  However, in the situation of selling your current home, that timeline needs to start weeks before the home goes on the market.If you have a garage, putting packed boxes neatly stacked is “forgivable” or get storage unit.  This means you will already have bought packing boxes or plastic storage containers (use again). Prior to professional photos being taken of the home, declutter needs to start with….

  • Pack collectables that could be valuable and/or might be sitting out that could be broken.
  • Pack seasonal (winter) clothes, coats, shoes, purses not being used.
    Suggest: hanging boxes with shoes in the bottom of the box.
  • Pack Christmas dishes and decorations.
  • Pack valuables like jewelry, family heirlooms, important documents
  • Pack family photos sitting on shelves or tables

All this makes the closets and cabinets more spacious looking.  The more valuable items will probably be transported separately which might be easier in plastic storage containers labeled appropriately.

While going through closets, cabinets, drawers and files, the following should NOT be packed to move. Instead, select a kitchen drawer or closet shelf to collect the following information to stay with the house:

  • Architectural house plans or floor plans.
  • If you bought a new home from a builder, all the information brochures about the features and community.
  • Renovation information like permits, construction information & invoices except financial which would be needed for tax purposes.
  • Photos of renovation work….especially of underground pipes or electric lines.
  • Extra renovation materials such as tile, flooring, plumbing supplies…..but not old paint.
  • Appliance manuals and any warranties
  • Documents including title policy, old survey and elevation certificate, termite treatment info
  • Service providers like yard, roof, exterminator, plumber, electrician


Tips for a smooth move:

Organization needs to start first either on-line or in a binder or file of some kind.

  • 6 weeks before your move

    Get written estimates for movers….that carry liability insurance, automobile insurance, etc. +
    need to have state license. Estimate based on in-person inspection of household goods.
    Also need to know if company is a moving broker who sells your move to a moving company.
    Check current homeowners or rental insurance policies for moving coverage.
    Get written estimates for truck rentals.
    Ask friends for their help and get on their schedules.
    Start notifying magazine subscriptions of change of address…..not first class mail yet.
    Schedule last minute medical appointments and get medical records or forward on-line.

  • 5 weeks before

    Start using up refrigerated and freezer food.
    Host a garage sale or donate items to charity (keep track of donations for tax purposes).

  • 4 weeks before

    Start packing non-essential items.
    Dispose of paints or hazardous materials.
    Use up cleaning supplies because many commercial movers will not move these items.

  • 3 weeks before

    Schedule mail forwarding……only first class mail.
    Many lists suggest scheduling utilities about now BUT be aware that utility companies are Not good about the date and sometimes turn off water or electric early.  Suggest doing this the week of the move.  If moving in the same city, on in both locations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Update your mailing address with banks and service providers.  Schedule cleaning crew for day of move or next day.


  • 2 weeks before

    Secure parking spot for moving truck especially with condo & homeowners assoc or gated
    Schedule moving with condo management office for elevator availability.
    Clean out safety deposit box.
    Get car or truck tune-up if traveling.
    Schedule handymen for last minute touch-up at old house.
    Schedule handymen or painters for any jobs needed at new house before move in.
    Refill RX prescriptions.
    Request time off work….if needed.

  • 1 week before

    Finish last minute errands.
    Pack kitchenware and essentials. Use disposable plates & plastic ware.

  • 1 day before

    Pack suitcases and personal essentials. (Keep handy for first days in new home.)
    Give neighbors a heads up about your move and where you’ll park the truck.
    Get cash to tip movers.

  • The day of the move (and hopefully not the closing on the same day)

    Stay hydrated.
    Do a final sweep of your old home. Check DW & clothes dryer.
    Hand over your old keys & security codes…….NOT until after closing and funding.

  • In the days/weeks after your move

Paint, renovate and/or clean your new home before unpacking.

Change the locks AFTER renovations for security.